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Our mission

We help companies in providing the highest quality of digital services by monitoring the operation of digital business processes


End-user side monitoring

Monit24 repeats all the steps which are necessary to complete a business transaction. We can perform 2FA login, bank money transfer, e-commerce related tasks and more.

Continuous transaction monitoring

Our solution monitors business transactions from the user perspective all the time, 24/7 from all around the world.

Mobile apps monitoring

Using our own, dedicated infrastructure we can monitor mobile apps on various physical devices connected registered in main telco providers. Various iOS and Android phones and tablets are supported.

API monitoring

We can look after every single method in an API and check for returned values. We can also create a complex scenario and go through it so you'll never miss a single failure.

Dedicated power care

Setting up a complex scenario monitoring in business applications was never so easy. Our engineers will choose the right technology and will present You the result within 24h.

Internal infrastructure

Using VPN we can monitor customers internal infrastructure easily, so feel free to use our platform not only for production, but for testing and UAT environments. We support internal probes as well.

Independent infrastructure

Our cloud infrastructure monitors your services regardless of potential problems in your environment.

Stress tests

We can prepare you and your infrastructure and see how your e-commerce solution works under really heavy load. We generate thousands of test users and invoke hundreds of transactions for each one. At the same time!

Notification integrations

Monit24 can be integrated with already deployed infrastructure. We support Web Push, Mobile Push,  Slack, Rocket.Chat, Microsoft Teams, Jabber,  JSON API, XML RPC, HTTP API, email, SMS and others!

PSD2 monitoring

The "Monit24 API XS2A" service allows payment institutions to comprehensively handle the issue of evaluating the availability and speed of operation of all access channels, including reporting, without the need to install software on the bank's side and without the need to prepare test accounts with access through the indicated channels.

Flexible escalation engine

Define who, when and how will be notified in case of failure. There are plenty of options available including dependencies and continuous alerting until your service is fixed.

Beautiful reports

We provide reliable information on the availability of individual monitored sites and the average, comprehensive Service Level as well. In addition, the reports provide insight into which errors most often occur in a given time period and at which hours of the day. Decide when you want to get a report on your email and how much detailed it should be.

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