Monit24 for Product Owners

Product owner is responsible for digital services. It is a great responsibility which demands an objective measurements about service availability and SLA with service providers (such as IT dept). Monit24 delivers continuous monitoring of digital services from the user perspective, so product owners always know what is going on in the area of their responsibility.

Who can use Monit24?

Our solution is great for product owners, digital transformation directors, company boards and everyone else who wants to know everything about the quality and SLA delivered to customers. Monit24 is great for IT and DevOps too, it greatly expands monitoring capabilities of any system and can be easily integrated. Monit24 is used by banks, insurance companies, telcos, e-commerce, retail, public e-services, audio and video streaming platforms... everywhere, where there is a need to see how things look from a customer perspective.

What we do?

We monitor digital services from a user perspective by continuously launching scenarios, which reflect typical user behaviors. In case of the bank it can be a process of logging in, checking an account balance and perform a money transfer operation. In case of e-commerce it can be sorting an inventory, search of a specific item, putting items to a basket and processing of a payment operation.

How it works?

Monit24 is a SaaS software using our own, proprietary cloud infrastructure which we developed over the years. Our monitoring probes which simulate users are located all over the world and can easily check every single service available to customers worldwide. Since we support multiple VPN's and internal probes, there is no problem to monitor internal infrastructure as well.

What will you get?

If everything works great, you'll receive beautiful reports with charts showing excellent performance of your digital services. In case of a failure, you'll be notified immediately with a description of what to do and for what to look after first.

What is the cost?

It depends how many and which services we monitor and what is the complexity of user scenarios. We're very competitive in the costs area and our scenarios are cheaper then the competitors - we double checked that! Since our service is subscription based, you can register and resign any time. There is 2 weeks test period available for free!

Some of our unique features include:

Proprietary infrastructure

Our infrastructure is very special, the customer always decides which probes are used to monitor digital services. The probe will not be changed during the monitoring period, so the results are very comparable to each other. You always compare “apples to apples”.

Mobile applications monitoring

Mobile apps monitoring on a physical devices is very unique on the market, we’re the first and only provider of such service in the world! We use iOS and Android powered physical devices to launch your applications and run a desired business transaction.

Multiple devices in the same scenario

We are the only monitoring system which is able to perform a scenario using multiple devices at the same time, which means, we can use mobile push tokens as a 2nd factor of authentication to log in to a web app.

Flexible notifications engine

Flexibility of our notifications & alerts engine is high and there are plenty of integration options, so alerts can be send through almost every modern communication channel like Slack, Teams, Web push, mobile app, and more!