Monit24 for business

Being responsible for the business means, being responsible for business processes working, 24x7. That is our focus as well, we continuously check all your critical transactions from the user perspective in web and mobile applications and notify you immediately when something is wrong.

Mobile Apps monitoring

We check how your mobile apps work from the user perspective, which means, that our robots repeat all actions that are taken by the user to complete a business transaction in your app. You don't need to change or adjust the app, just launch it on our platform.

Transaction monitoring

We continuously repeat steps which users do to make a bank money transfer or to pun an item to a basket in your e-commerce app. This way you always know, that your business works regardless of what is going on in IT or external services providers.

SLA reports

Our reports provide useful information about how your business performed. In fact, they're mostly read by directors or board members, because of critical informations included by default. Keep an eye on SLA and deal with IT or external service providers with ease.

Web applications monitoring

We monitor web applications by continuously going through a business transactions as users do. In a complex environment, only such approach can tell you if your business is working flawlessly. Thats even more important, when the environment is alive and changing in multiple areas.

Stress tests

Want to launch a large e-commerce? Check the capacity of your solution by launching our stress tests. We'll generate tons of transactions for you, so you'll see how your business will scale up and you'll locate the weakest spot in your environment. A successful launch is the key in business.

Power care

You don't have to engage half of your team to start. We'll do everything for you, from basic configuration, scenarios, training to maintenance and problem solving. With Monit24 you have a reliable source of knowledge and partner on your side.