Monit24 for IT

Our monitoring system has plenty to offer for IT specialists who want to know more about the infrastructure they're responsible for. Monitor hosting, telco and other service and infrastructure providers with ease. Want to know more about your infrastructure resources? Just try us out.

Global infrastructure

Instead of relaying on cloud providers, we do have our own infrastructure. A global network of our probes checks services all around the world. From simple "ping" check to advanced mail routing scenarios and web application transactions.

Easy deployment

There isn't any! Just start using our services and they'll do the job. If you want to check a service which is located in your network, hidden behind a firewall and a nat, deploy our internal probe or configure a VPN to one or more of our probes.


Every part of our infrastructure is redundant, so don't worry about data loss.

We can monitor everything, if it works, it can (and should) be checked!

  • Ping
  • HTTP/s
    • expected string
    • diff
    • full page
    • scenarios
  • SSH
  • Mail (round trip)
  • traceroute & mtr
  • SSL certificate chain
  • DNS
  • SIP
  • POP3 & SMTP
  • IMAP
  • FTP
  • OCSP
  • and so much more...

Our experts are available 24x7!
Just tell us what you want to do...

We do our best to keep our platform as simple as possible, but in case you're stuck, we'll be happy to help you and share our best practises related to monitoring.

Reports with the added value,
​use them and know instantly what was happening.

Many monitoring solutions don't generate valuable reports or you cannot compare the availbility of your services over time. We know how to do this, so you're always covered.

Global network of probes,  
world-wide coverage.

We monitor your services from probes of your choice, so the results are always comparable. Feel free to use our other probes to check the performance of your services on the fly.

Easy integration & notifications

Monit24 integrates with other solutions easy and always delivers reliable status of monitored services. Flexible escalation engine will keep you notified until the issue is solved.